The BUR was established to assist photographers and clients determine a base value for photographic work that can be used when determining buyout values for further usage of images.

It is suggested that the minimum BUR should be the equivalent of the calculated day rate. Whilst the photographers creative fee should be added to this, at the very least costs will be covered.

The standard BUR is based on once-off use in one territory, for one year, or in the case of editorial commissions, once off use in one publication only.

In Advertising the BUR is based on use in two media, in one territory, for one year OR one media, in one territory, for two years only. The time and media are interchangeable, the territory is not.

Buyouts/usage is an internationally recognised and accepted principle. Similar principles that govern the modelling industry apply to photographers too.

Buyouts are based on three factors being:

  1. The length of TIME exclusive use is assigned.
  2. The TERRITORY in which the image will be used.
  3. Types of MEDIA the image is to be used in.

The Association of Photographers (AoP) has a useful USAGE CALCULATOR on their web site that assists with the calculation of usage. The calculator is based on the currency Pounds Sterling but by ignoring the currency you can enter the relevant values in your currency and use the calculator to determine the buyout value.

For further information you can purchase ‘EXPOSED – The Business of Photography’ by Deryck van Steenderen, published by Verse Creative.

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