The National Key Points Act, 1980 (Act No. 102 of 1980) is an act of Parliament that provides for the declaration and protection of sites of national strategic importance against sabotage.

National Key Points or Strategic Installations are places that the government determines to be important enough to the well being of the country to be protected and restrict access and activities to.

The National Key Points Act was originally implemented by the apartheid government under the guise of protection from terrorism, to secretly protect primarily privately owned strategic sites.  Unfortunately the current government uses it at its convenience. Whilst protection from acts of terrorism is essential the loosely worded act gives the government broad sweeping powers open to its interpretation.

” I am reminded about George Orwell’s Animal Farm published in 1945. At the end, the past perpetrators of oppression and the revolutionaries who come to power are indistinguishable. Yet, how quickly, brazenly and unapologetically the ruling party uses an act it would have despised and rejected before, and rightly so, to shield its embarrassment and do damage control. Using a past law that does not even have a veneer of transparency, accountability or constitutionality devalues our constitution. The strategic abuse of the National Key Points Act is visibly and nakedly an abuse of office. It is regressive and objectionable. Only those who are morally bankrupt will use the old act as it is.” Mosiuoa Lekota, COPE leader, former ANC member and former Minister of Defence during a Parliamentary debate on the act in November 2013.

ublicly disclose the details of sites that have been declared National Key Points. In 2012 the Right2Know Campaign, and in 2013 the Democratic Alliance Parliamentary Opposition, demanded the government disclose a list of National Key Points. The Department of Police refused claiming they were acting in the interests of state security. Their refusal was appealed to the Johannesburg High Court, which ordered the government to release the list. On 22 January 2015 the government abandoned its attempt to appeal the ruling.

The list of 204 National Key Points was released by the Ministry of Police on the 16th January 2015 as follows:

NKP LIST 2015-01-16


  2. EC Grassridge Transmission Station, Addo
  3. EC SA Reserve Bank, Port Elizabeth
  4. EC SA Reserve Bank, East London
  5. EC SABC Bhisho
  6. EC EC Provincial Legislature
  7. EC Oil Tanking Grinrod Caluto (Ltd) Port of Ngqura
  8. EC Former Pres Res NR Mandela Qunu Village
  9. FS Vaaldam
  10. FS Natref
  11. FS Petronet Pump Station, Bethlehem
  12. FS Coalbrook Petrol Pump Station
  13. FS Sasol Pump Station
  14. FS Perseus Transmission Station
  15. FS Centlec Pty (Ltd) Electricity Distribution Station
  16. FS SABC Freestate (BFN)
  17. FS Kroonstad Pump Station
  18. FS Lethabo Power Station
  19. FS SA Reserve Bank, Bloemfontein
  20. FS Provincial Legislature. Bloemfontein
  21. FS Magdala TPL Depot
  22. FS Wilge TPL Depot
  23. FS/NC Hydra Transmission Station
  24. FS/NC SABC Kimberley Northern Cape
  25. FS/NC Square Kilometer Array Site (SKA)
  26. FS/NC NC Provincial Legislature
  27. GN Onderstepoort Biological Products Ltd.
  28. GN Union Buildings Presidency
  29. GN Mahlambandlovu Pres Res
  30. GN Setako Makgatho Presidential Res
  31. GN OR Tambo International airport
  32. GN SSA Communication Centre
  33. GN Main Telephone Exchange (PPR)
  34. GN Apoilo Transmission Station
  35. GN Minerva Transmission Station
  36. GN SA Bank Note Company
  37. GN Denel Dynamics
  38. GN Pretoria Metal Pressing
  39. GN Pretoria Metal Pressing Pta West
  40. GN Denel Land Systems Lyttetton
  41. GN CSIR Wind Tunnel
  42. GN SA Post Office Computer Centre
  43. GN SA Reserve Bank HQ
  44. GN SA Reserve Bank: Pta North
  45. GN New Cooperation Building ID Factory
  46. GN SABC Tshwane
  47. GN SITA Numerus Building
  48. GN SITA Centurion
  49. GN Denel Integrated System Solutions
  50. GN SITA Beta
  51. GN Government Printing Works (Sec Print Facility)
  52. GN Waltloo TPL Depot
  53. GN/NW Transnet Pipeline Rustenburg Depot
  54. GN/NW North West Prov Legislature
  55. GN/NW Hartebeeshoek Earth Station
  57. GN/NW SA National Space Agency (SANSA)
  58. GN/NW SABC Lt North West
  59. GS Rheinmetall Denel Munition
  60. GS SABC Building, Aucland Park
  61. GS Sentech Tower in Brixton, Johannesburg
  62. GS SENTECH Transmission Satellite Centre
  63. GS Office of Interception Centres
  64. GS Eskom National Control Centre, Simmerpan
  65. GS City Power Johannesburg Pty (Ltd)
  66. GS Grootvlei Power Station
  67. GS Former Pres Res NR Mandela GP
  68. GS Former, Pres Res T Mbeki GP
  69. GS Pres Residence of SA GP
  70. GS Gauteng Provincial Legislature
  71. GS ArcelorMittal
  72. GS African Explosives Ltd.
  73. GS NCP Chlorchem, Chloorkop, Kempton Park
  74. GS Denel Aviation
  75. GS BAE Systems Benoni
  76. GS SA Mint
  77. GS SA Reserve Bank, Johannesburg
  78. GS Shetl Depot Alrode
  79. GS Chevron Alrode
  80. GS Sasol Depot Alrode
  81. GS Total Depot
  82. GS Transnet Pipeline: Alrode
  83. GS Chevron Texaco
  84. GS Transnet Pipeline: Airport
  85. GS e-Natis Facility
  86. GS Rand Water: Zwartkopjies
  87. GS Rand Water: Zuikerbosch
  88. GS Rand Water: Vereeniging
  89. GS Rand Water: Maplteton
  90. GS Rand Water: Barrage
  91. GS Rand Water: Palmiet
  92. GS Rand Water: Eikenhof
  93. GS Transnet Pipeline Tarlton Distribution Depot
  94. GS Klerksdorp Depot
  95. GS Langleagte Depot
  96. GS Vaaldam Pump Station
  97. GS Meyerton Depot
  98. KZN SABC Durban
  99. KZN Total SA (Cutler)
  100. KZN Acacia Operations Services (Heartland Leasing)
  101. KZN Engen Depot (Cutter)
  102. KZN Total Depot (Cutler)
  103. KZN Valvoline Depot (Cutler)
  104. KZN PD Terminals Depot (Cutler)
  105. KZN Caleb Brett (Cutler)
  106. KZN Industrial Oil Processors (Cutler)
  107. KZN Durban Bulk Shipping (Cutler)
  108. KZN SA Petroleum Refinery (SAPREF) (Cutler)
  109. KZN SA Pretroleum Refinery (SAPREF) Reunion
  110. KZN Engen Refinery
  111. KZN Natcos (Cutler)
  112. KZN Natcos
  113. KZN Single Buoy Mooring
  114. KZN Trensnet Pumping Station: Newcastle
  115. KZN Impala Transmission Station
  116. KZN Klaarwater Distribution Station
  117. KZN Pegasus Transmission Station
  118. KZN Drakensberg Power Station
  119. KZN Island View Storage (Cutler)
  120. KZN Caltex Depot (Cutler)
  121. KZN Zenex Depot (Cutler)
  122. KZN Durban South Distribution Station
  123. KZN Transnet Pumping – Station: Ladysmith
  124. KZN Transnet Pumping – Station: (Cutler)
  125. KZN Transnet Pumping – Station: Quagga’s Nek
  126. KZN Transnat Pumping – Station: Hillcrest
  127. KZN Transnet Pumping; Station: Howlck
  128. KZN Transnet Pumping Station: Van Reenen
  129. KZN Pres of SA Res – KZN
  130. KZN Presidential Res – JL Dube House
  131. KZN New Aviation Fuel Depot at KSIA
  132. KZN King Shaka International Airport Air Side
  133. KZN Durban North Distribution Station
  134. KZN Athene TransmisSion Station
  135. KZN Lotus Park Distribution station
  136. KZN SA Reserve Bank: Durban
  137. KZN Duzi TPL Depot
  138. KZN Mooi River TPL Depot
  139. KZN Fortmistake Transnet Pipeline Ladysmith
  140. KZN Mngeni TPL Depot
  141. KZN Mnambithi TPL Depot
  142. KZN Ntwini TPL Depot
  143. KZN Hilltop TPL Depot
  144. KZN KZN Provincial Legislature
  145. MP Grootdraai Pumping Station
  146. MP SABC Nelspruit
  147. MP Camden Power Station
  148. MP Hendrina Power Station
  149. MP Kriel Power Station
  150. MP Arnot Power Station
  151. MP Sol Transmission Station
  152. MP Matte Power Station
  153. MP Duvha Power Station
  154. MP Tutuka Power Station
  155. MP Kendal Power Station
  156. MP Komati Power Station
  157. Majuba Power Station
  158. MP Mpumalanga Boulevard Riverside Gov Building Nelspruit
  159. MP Transnet Pipeline, Kendal
  160. MP Sasol Secunda
  161. MP Transnet Pipelines, Secunda
  162. MP Jericho Pump Station
  163. MP Rieftontein Pump Station
  164. MP Grootfontein Pump Station
  165. MP Vygeboom Pump Station
  166. MP Bosloop Water Pump Station
  167. MP Nooitgedact Pump Station
  168. MP Transnet Pipeline Witbank Depot
  169. MP Khutala Pump Station
  170. MP Zaaihoek Pump Station
  171. MP Knoppies Tower
  172. MP/LIM SABC, Polokwane
  173. Mokolo Pump Station, Limpopo Prov
  174. MP/LIM Matimba Power Station
  175. MP/LIM Limpopo Legislature, Lebowakgomo, Polokwane
  176. WC Parliament House
  177. WC 120 Plain Street, Capetown
  178. WC Cape Town international Airport
  179. WC SABC Ltd Western Cape
  180. WC Chevron Refinery, Cape Town
  181. WC Saldanha Tank Farm
  182. WC Muldersviai Transmission Station
  183. WC Acasia Transmission Station
  184. WC Droeriver Transmission Station
  185. WC Koeberg Nuclear Power Station
  186. WC RDM Somerset West
  187. WC RDM Weliington
  188. WC PetroSA Voorbaai
  189. WC SA Reserve Bank, Cape Town
  190. WC PetroSA GTL Refinery
  191. WC Single buoy mooring Voorbaai
  192. WC Klipheuwel Pumping Station
  193. WC FA Production Platform, Mossgas
  194. WC Orca
  195. WC Presidential Res (Genadendal)
  196. WC Former Pres Res FW de Klerk (Sea Point)
  197. WC Former Pres Res NR Mandela (Bishops Court)
  198. WC Office of the Pres of SA (Tuynhuys)
  199. WC SABC : Air Time :Cape Town
  200. WC Western Cape Provincial Legislature
  201. WC Gourikwa Power Station
  202. WC SFF Association Storage
  203. WC Ankerlig Power Station
  204. WC SFF Oil Jetty

Photography is listed as a prohibited activity of and around these installations.

A member of the SAPS, charged with safety and security in the RSA, can refuse you permission to photograph State owned property claiming protection under this vague Act. Whilst photojournalists have been recently arrested and detained under this act the charges have been dropped. If arrested under this act, the SAPS may confiscate a photographers camera equipment as evidence, for which they must issue a property receipt. The photographic equipment must be returned if the charges are dropped.


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