Recent controversy was caused in the photographic community when a Media 24 Freelance Photographers Agreement drafted in 2008 was sent out in May 2010 by a Media 24 employee to a well known international photographer currently residing in South Africa. The photographer refused to sign the contract and was told by the employee that the magazine would not work with him if he did not sign the agreement.

The agreement drafted in 2008 has subsequently been replaced with a new agreement after consultation with the photographic community. Ludwig Wolff of Media 24 was instrumental in the drawing up of the current agreement. He has assured the photographic community that the current contract is the correct contract and that any photographers who may have signed the 2008 agreement are welcome to sign the current agreement and submit it to Media 24.

The current agreement can be downloaded here, with Media 24’s permission, for perusal and use. Please note that a newer agreement was circulated by Media 24 employees that was not in line with this agreement and SHOULD NOT be signed. The downloadable is the ONLY agreement that was negotiated between Ludwig Wolff and Deryck van Steenderen and is the result of negotiations that took a month to finalise.

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